Suggestion therapy- Hypno-Analysis and NLP


 Suggestion Therapy.

The use of suggestion whilst in hypnosis is a powerful influence on problematic behaviours. It is effective for everyday problems such as smoking, weight loss, nail biting, insomnia, dealing with stress, examination nerves and relaxation.Hypnotic suggestion is normally given over one or two session of 45 minutes to one hours duration.


Hypno-analysis is used to deal with fears, phobias and panic attacks and other problems of that order. It works by seeking out the cause of the problem and then removing it. This results in permanent and lasting relief and on average takes between 8-12 sessions although can be less, depending on circumstance


Neuro Linguistic Programming is a technology of the mind derived from the study of excellence. Sometimes used on its own, or when combined with the above therapies, NLP techniques become a powerful therapeutic resource enabling profound change to take place helping you build a better future.