Smoking, Slimming and Past Life Regression, are the most requested therapies, so below is an outline of my approach to them.

Stopping Smoking.

Smoking is generally considered an antisocial and unhealthy habit. Generally a habit that is acquired during teenage years, and for some people a difficult habit to break. The use of Hypnosis is a powerful ally in ending the habit. I tend to believe that people approach stopping smoking in different ways and with different degrees of motivation. So I provide a range of therapeutic approaches to becoming Smoke Free. For some people a single session is enough to bring them from being a heavy smoker to being free of the habit. For others it tends to be a more gradual process requiring 2-3 weekly sessions. I supply an audio recording to supplement and reinforce the therapeutic session and ask that it is played daily in the days following the session.

Slimming and Weight Reduction

The use of hypnosis to enhance weight reduction has a proven track record. The weight won't fall off after one hypnosis session but it will make losing those pounds easier and it will strengthen your resolve to do so. For some people all they want is that one session to get them going, for others I provide a structured weight loss programme over 4-6 sessions.  In these I use the latest techniques, including the use of hypnotic gastric bands; I also make use of scientifically proven material regarding effective weight reducing eating habits. An audio recording is used between sessions to enhance the process.

 Past Life Regression. 

The unconscious mind does not discriminate between fact and fantasy-it does not separate out what is experienced in everyday life, from what is watched at the movies, or read in a book. To the unconscious mind it is all experience and these experiences are all equally recorded in memory. So an experience of a Past Life recalled when in trance may be no more than recall of forgotten memories, nevertheless it can be a powerful experience and is often understood as a healing experience. As a therapist, I don,t know whether we have past lives or have undergone reincarnation. However I do know that undergoing a Past Life Regression can be a truly interesting and absorbing experience and people use it to confirm such beliefs. As a therapist I try to keep an open mind on the matter, it is not for me to philosophise, my role is to enable the person to explore fully the experience they have whilst using hypnosis to induce a trance state that enables them to have the experience. Past Life Regressions usually take an hour to ninety minutes.